Agia Napa Cultural Winter (November 2016 - March 2017)
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Agia Napa Cultural Winter (November 2016 - March 2017)
Programme of Cultural events in Agia Napa during Winter 2016 - 2017, including Christmas 2016 events.
(Agia Napa Municipality:
Performance by Deryneia’s Municipal Choir "Apollon" performance by Patra’s Choir            
Cypriot and Greek Traditional Dances by Ayia Napa’s Municipal Dance Group 
Classic Songs and Musical film soundtracks Mimoza Trio – Classical Group
Niki Antoniou Karaiskou- mezzo soprano
Valeria Georgiou – soprano
Piano: Olga Bortok
" Back to the 50`s" Performance by Elena’s Dance School 
"Traditional Colours "
"Las" Music Group 
Performance by Psimolophou Dance group – Kypos Kyprianou
"Bouzouki music"
Performance by Ayia Napa’s Cultural Association “Cape Greco” 
Dances by the Dance Group “Rymvos”   
"Tribute to Manos Loizou" Cypriot Composer
Participants: Guitar: Pavlina Constantinopoulou
Violin: Pavlos Michaelides 
Christmas Music & Songs
Performance by Cyprus Police Orchestra
"World Dance Adventures" Steps Dance School and Fitness Studio 
Performance by Maria Thalassinou’s Dance School   
‘A Journey Through Greek Music’
Participants:‘Mandolinata' Paralimni’s municipal group  
Soloists: Demetra Chatzimichael, Tasoula Pogiatzi Yerasimou, Theodoulos Papageorgiou, Marcos Giorkatsos
"Timeless songs" Rebetika songs and dance Performance by the Music Group ''Young Rebetes''
“MikisTheodorakis era” Performance by ORFEAS Music Group
Featuring some of the legendary composer’s most famous songs along with songs of other famous composers of the time such as Manos Chatzidakis, George Zambetas, Stavros  Xarhakos etc.
Participants: Rhythm Dance Group
"OPA PASSION" Passion Street Dance Performance by Passion Dance Group 
"Dance Creations" Shakallis Dance Group 
"Fire to the World" Dances from all over the world    
Latin dances by Rhythm Cultural Association 
"All for love" Music’s Cool – Private Institute 
Director :Andri Tsigkis
Classic's Music Concert: greek traditional songs
Performance by Music Group 'Anafeos' by George Sardaris
"Greek folk gramophone" Greek folk dance 
Performance by Maria Zintili’s music group and Ayia Napa’s Municipal Dance Group
"JAZZ LOVERS" Performance by JAZZ LOVERS music group with some of the most well-known and popular jazz tunes
"Dance Performance Traditional Greek dances" By Kimon Dance Group, Xilotimpou
Cypriot & Greek islands’ music and dances
Performance by Andreas Nicolaou Music Group 
Christmas Events Programme 03/12/2016 – 06/01/2017
Saturday 03/12/2016 17:00  
Central Square, Ayia Napa:
The town’s church bells ring and invite us to the lighting of our Christmas tree.
Today in Ayia Napa we launch the Christmas celebration period.  May the Christmas lights fill our hearts with love and happiness.
Participants: The Cyprus Police Orchestra along with many other groups playing Christmas music and songs. Plenty of presents, lots of wine and fireworks.
There will also be a Christmas charity market organised by the Parents Associations of the Primary school and Preschool of Ayia Napa in collaboration with the local council.
Sunday 11/12/2016, 14:00-18:00  
Central Square, Ayia Napa
Christmas fills the world with love. Every time we feel love, every time we give love we celebrate Christmas.
Christmas Charity Market
The Parents Associations of the Primary school and Preschool of Ayia Napa, along with the council of Ayia Napa, are organising a Christmas event in the central square of Ayia Napa and everyone is invited. Dance and Music groups will add to the celebratory atmosphere. 
Sunday 18/12/2016, 14:00-18:00  
Town Hall, Ayia Napa
Christmas tales accompanied by music – Christmas play.
There will also be a charity market where people can buy Christmas presents for their loved ones and at the same time help people in need. 
Saturday 31/12/2016 21:00 –till morning 
Join us to see out this year and welcome the new one.
Welcoming of the New Year, 2017, in Ayia Napa’s central square. The ceremony will include music and songs by many music and dance groups, and fireworks. All visitors will be able to enjoy food and wine offered in the traditional house along with the traditional "New Year’s" cake and traditional Cypriot soup.
Friday 06/01/2017   7:00 – 10:00
The celebration of "Theophania" will be held at the Church of Panagia in Ayia Napa, followed by the baptism of the Holy Cross and "Agiasmos" at the harbour in Ayia Napa. 
A prize will be offered to the first swimmer who manages to recover the holy cross. A ceremony will follow with traditional dances and songs at the harbour.
Participants: Philharmonic Band and the Army Band.

من عند يوم السبت, شهر اكتوبر 22, 2016
إلى الخميس, كانون الثاني 05, 2017


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Agia Napa Cultural Winter

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