Oda ki Ekia (Here and There) - KYPRIA International Festival 2017 (Lefkosia)
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Oda ki Ekia (Here and There) - KYPRIA International Festival 2017 (Lefkosia)

Direction: Lukasz Walewski, Elena Agathokleous
Dramaturgy: Elena Agathokleous
Text editing: Constantina Peter, Elena Agathokleous
Music, movement: Lukasz Walewski
Set designer: Eva Korae
Costumes: Myrto Sarma
Actors: Marios Ioannou, Elena Kallinikou, Marina Makri, Elena Agathokleous

The theatrical perofrmance is based on the Cronicle of Leontios Machairas.

In the theatrical performance oda ki ekia [here and there], a traveling troupe with its paraphernalia, tries to set up a play in town squares in order to entertain the audience. Their stories are somewhat of an explanation regarding the “Sweet Land of Cyprus” based on the “Chronicle” of Leontios Machairas.

Actors, masters and servants, confuse real facts with gossip and parsley, they comment in the Cypriot dialect, they narrate in the medieval Cypriot dialect, they combine the present with the past, and they remember, they forget again, but not in the exact order of things. Αt the end of the day, they’ll do their best!

Faneromenis Square,
Old Lefkosia,
Lefkosia, Cyprus

Free Entrance

All shows commence at 20.30


الأحد, شهر اكتوبر 08, 2017, 20:30

منطقة : LEFKOSIA


فئة : مسرح

Oda ki Ekia

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