Classical Guitar Charity Concert
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Classical Guitar Charity Concert

A charity concert for classical guitar will take place at Technopolis 20 in Pafos, on Friday, 19th of October 2018, at 8pm, with Neoklis Natiotis. All net proceeds will go to Margarita Liasidou Foundation.

The programme will include works by J.S. Bach, Francisco Tárrega, Isaac Albéniz, Manos Hadjidakis, Mikis Theodorakis etc.

Neoklis Natiotis is an amateur musician that his love for music and mainly his passion for the classical guitar have never faded. This led him many years ago to start classical guitar lessons, so as to able today to organise his own concerts. Mr Neoklis originates from Mesogi, Paphos and in 1973 he left Cyprus to study Medicine in Germany. By finishing his studies he went to Vienna where he worked in a hospital and in ‘Rescuing’ (Rettung) for 25 years. Since 2015 he is a retired and visits Cyprus very often.

Technopolis 20 Cultural Centre
18 Nikolaou Nikolaidi Avenue
Pafos 8010, Cyprus
Phone: 7000 2420

Entrance: 10 Euro (all net proceeds will go to Margarita Liasidou Foundation)

Reservations are necessary at 7000 2420 (calls only).

A few words about the Margarita Liasidou Foundation
The aim of the Margarita Liasidou Foundation is to offer accommodation, protection, care, exercise, entertainment, rehabilitation and many more to handicapped children. Those being cared for live in an environment of love, understanding, respect and acceptance and, more importantly, take part in a programme specially tailored to their needs. Opportunities are provided in terms of physical abilities and mental comprehension. They are also shown how to look after themselves, socialise with others and work in a community with other people.

Παρασκευή, Οκτωβρίου 19, 2018, 20:00

Επαρχία : Πάφος

Πόλη/Χωριό : Δήμος Πάφου

Κατηγορία : Μουσική

classical guitar

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