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Whatever the season, Cyprus provides ample opportunity to experience something new, interesting and exciting,
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Everything you need to know before and during your visit to Cyprus can be found on the CTO website,
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Every year, we warmly welcome more than two million visitors from around the world to Cyprus, excitedly sharing our unique culture, hospitality and inspiring landscapes. We encourage you to explore our wonderful island and all its riches. To savour our food, to explore our natural wonders, to sample our cosmopolitan resorts, and to explore our charming communities across the island.

Tourism supports tens of thousands of jobs in Cyprus, and is vital to our economy. As you can imagine though, a great deal of water and energy is needed to keep things going, and holidays produce considerable waste too. We hope that you’ll join us then, in supporting efforts to make sure tourism delivers memorable experiences that are ‘responsible’ at the same time.

We’re proud of the fact that so many of the places you choose to stay, whether large hotels by the sea or small cottages in the mountains, are committed to providing experiences that go lighter on the environment, while supporting the local communities across the island. Look out for our celebrated Cyprus Breakfast at many hotels, and take time to track down the producers from across the island. Or get off the beaten path and explore our inspiring biking, hiking and wine trails.

We want to ensure your holidays are memorable and that you return to our shores (or our mountains!) year after year. And we hope that we may just inspire you with our dedication to providing holidays that are simply better for everyone.

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Βρισκόμαστε για τα καλά στην περίοδο των καλοκαιρινών διακοπών και τη χρονική στιγμή που πολλοί περιμένουμε, για να ξεφύγουμε προσωρινά από τη ρουτίνα και την καθημερινότητα. Κάποιοι θα οργανώσουν διακοπές στο εξωτερικό, ενώ πολλοί άλλοι θα επιλέξουν να παραμείνουν στη χώρα μας παραθερίζοντας σε Κυπριακά ξενοδοχεία και άλλα τουριστικά καταλύματα, επιλογή για την οποία ο Κυπριακός Οργανισμός Τουρισμού (ΚΟΤ) τους συγχαίρει, αφού η πατρίδα μας έχει καθιερωθεί διεθνώς ως ποιοτικός και φιλόξενος τουριστικός προορισμός που προσφέρει εξαιρετικής ποιότητας υπηρεσίες διαμονής, σε ανταγωνιστικές τιμές.

Μέσα στα πλαίσια των ενεργειών του για παροχή πληρέστερης ενημέρωσης προς το καταναλωτικό κοινό, ο ΚΟΤ ετοίμασε αυτό τον «Οδηγό Διακοπών», σε ηλεκτρονική και έντυπη μορφή. Μέσω του Οδηγού παρέχεται πληροφόρηση προς τους καταναλωτές αναφορικά με δικαιώματα και υποχρεώσεις τους, κατά τη διάρκεια απόλαυσης διακοπών στην Κύπρο.

Ο Κύπριος τουρίστας-καταναλωτής θα πρέπει να γνωρίζει τα δικαιώματά του και τον τρόπο να τα διεκδικήσει και γι’ αυτό συστήνεται η σωστή και έγκαιρη ενημέρωση μας, πριν ακόμα αρχίσουν οι διακοπές, ώστε να αποφύγουμε ή και να περιορίσουμε δυσάρεστα περιστατικά, προβλήματα και προστριβές, ιδιαίτερα σε μια χρονική περίοδο που βασική μας επιδίωξη δεν είναι άλλη από τη χαλάρωση και τη ξεκούραση. Πολλά από τα δικαιώματα του τουρίστα-καταναλωτή προκύπτουν από Ευρωπαϊκή Νομοθεσία, με εφαρμογή σε όλη την επικράτεια της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης.

Ο Οδηγός Διακοπών χωρίζεται σε 3 ενότητες:

> ΣΤΟ ΞΕΝΟΔΟΧΕΙΟ: διαδικασία κράτησης και οδηγίες διαμονής σε ξενοδοχειακές επιχειρήσεις. Διευκρινίζεται ότι στον Οδηγό ο όρος «ξενοδοχείο» διαλαμβάνει όλα τα ξενοδοχειακά και άλλα τουριστικά καταλύματα.
> ΣΤΟ ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΑΝΑΨΥΧΗΣ: πληροφορίες και καθοδήγηση κατά την επίσκεψη μας σε κέντρα αναψυχής.
> ΣΤΗΝ ΠΑΡΑΛΙΑ: πληροφόρηση που αφορά τον περιβάλλοντα χώρο των παραλιών μας, όπου θα περάσουμε πολύ από το χρόνο των διακοπών μας.

Διευκρινίζεται ότι ο Οδηγός Διακοπών δεν είναι εξαντλητικός, ούτε αναφέρεται σε όλες τις Νομοθετικές ή και άλλες πτυχές των ενοτήτων που καλύπτονται. Για πληρέστερη ενημέρωση το κοινό προτρέπεται όπως επικοινωνεί με τα κατά τόπους Επαρχιακά Γραφεία Επιθεώρησης ή τα Κεντρικά Γραφεία του Κυπριακού Οργανισμού Τουρισμού στη Λευκωσία.


Για να κατεβάσετε τον Οδηγό Διακοπών σε μορφή pdf, παρακαλώ πατήστε εδώ.

Sunday Escapes

Escape with us

With so many different and unique experiences to enjoy on the island, a short getaway offers the perfect opportunity to discover Cyprus in bite-size pieces during Sundays from September to June.

And thanks to the specially prepared Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) program, the process is beautifully simplified with a combined bundle of themed excursions, culinary selections and sightseeing options; all you need to do is choose, book… and escape!

So, take your pick, visit the dedicated Sunday Escapes website to book, and enjoy a getaway with a twist!

Bookings: / Tel: 77 778 050.

To access the brochure "Sunday Escapes", click here.

Cyprus Domestic Transportation Services

Aside from moving around on foot and by bike, you can also travel around the island by bus or taxi. Cyprus does not have a train or underground transport system.

Visitors are advised to always confirm itineraries and prices with the appropriate company before travelling, as these are subject to alterations.

Bus Service Facilities

There are four types of bus service in Cyprus:
- Airport Transfer Buses:  linking all the towns to the island’s two airports of Larnaka (Larnaca) and Pafos (Paphos).
- Interurban buses:  linking all major towns on a daily basis, and with frequent routes.
- Urban buses:  linking different areas within the towns and operating frequently during daytime. In certain tourist areas, during the summer period, their routes are extended till late in the evening.
- Rural buses:  linking almost all villages with the nearest town, but with limited frequency.

New website for Public Transport Service by Bus in Cyprus (Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works):


Airport Transfer Buses

Kapnos & Sons Transport Ltd
Tel: (+357) 77 771 477 / (+357) 24 008 718
Routes available:
- Lefkosia-Larnaka Airport, Larnaka Airport-Lefkosia
- Lefkosia-Pafos Airport, Pafos Airport-Lefkosia
- Larnaka-Pafos Airport, Pafos Airport-Larnaka
- Ammochostos-Larnaka Airport, Larnaka Airport-Ammochostos

Transport Company for Limassol District (EMEL) Ltd
Tel: (+357) 77 778 121 / (+357) 77 777 075 / (+357) 97 779 090
Routes available:
- Lemesos-Larnaka Airport, Larnaka Airport-Lemesos
- Lemesos-Pafos Airport, Pafos Airport–Lemesos


Interurban buses
All the major towns are linked by bus with routes at specified intervals. For more information concerning timetables you may contact the operating company:

L.L.L.A. Intercity Buses Ltd
Tel: (+357) 70 007 789 / (+357) 24 643 493
Routes available:
- Lefkosia-Lemesos, Lemesos-Lefkosia
- Lefkosia-Larnaka, Larnaka-Lefkosia
- Lefkosia-Protaras / Paralimni
- Agia Napa-Protaras/Paralimni
- Agia Napa-Lefkosia
- Lefkosia-Pafos, Pafos-Lefkosia
- Lemesos-Pafos, Pafos-Lemesos
- Larnaka-Lemesos, Lemesos-Larnaka
- Larnaka-Protaras / Paralimni
- Agia Napa-Protaras / Paralimni
- Agia Napa–Larnaka
- Paralimni-Agia Napa-Larnaka-Pafos, Pafos-Larnaka-Agia Napa-Paralimni


Urban Buses
These operate in all major towns, and run frequently during daytime, whilst in certain areas, they are extended till midnight. For more information concerning timetables you may contact the operating companies:

L.L.L.A Intercity Buses Ltd
Tel: (+357) 24 643 493 / (+357) 80 007 789

Lefkosia (Nicosia):
Transport Organisation for Nicosia District (OSEL) Ltd
Tel: (+357) 77 777 755 / (+357) 22 468 088

Lemesos (Limassol):
Transport Company for Limassol District (EMEL) Ltd
Tel: (+357) 77 778 121 / (+357) 25 343 201

Larnaka (Larnaca):
Larnaka Buses Zenonas Ltd
Tel: (+357) 80 007 744 / (+357)  24 665 531

Pafos (Paphos):
Pafos Transport Organisation Ltd
Tel: (+357) 80 005 588 / (+357) 26 934 410

Paralimni / Protaras & Agia Napa:
M.E. Ammochostos Buses Ltd
Tel: (+357) 23 819 090 / (+357) 80 005 200


Rural Buses

Rural buses operate less frequently than urban and interurban buses, typically running two or three times a day on both weekdays and weekends. For more information concerning timetables you may contact the operating companies.


Transport Organisation for Nicosia District (OSEL) Ltd
Tel: (+357) 77 777 755 / (+357) 22 468 088

Transport Company for Limassol District (EMEL) Ltd
Tel: (+357) 77 778 121 / (+357) 25 343 201

Larnaka Buses Zenonas Ltd
Tel: (+357) 80 007 744 / (+357) 24 665 531

Pafos Transport Organisation Ltd
Tel: (+357) 80 005 588 / (+357) 26 934 410

Paralimni / Protaras & Agia Napa:
M.E. Ammochostos Buses Ltd
Tel: (+357) 23 819 090 / (+357) 80 005 200



Taxi Service Facilities

There are three types of taxi services available, covering the entire island:
- Interurban: a shared service that provides a daily connection between all major towns of the island.
- Urban: operating within the major towns.
- Rural: operating in village areas.


Interurban Service (shared) Taxis
This service offers the opportunity to share a taxi with 4 - 8 other passengers to make the journey more cost effective for the customer. It provides connections between all major towns of Cyprus (Lefkosia, Lemesos, Larnaka, Pafos, Paralimni and Agia Napa) - every half hour, Monday-Friday 06:00 - 18:00, Saturday and Sunday 07:00 - 17:00.

Seats can be booked by phone or online from the providing companies, and passengers can be collected from - and dropped off at - any location they wish, within the municipal boundaries.

One-way fares range from €8,50 - €14,20 depending on the route, and whether passengers have luggage.

Please note:  This service does not operate on Public Holidays, and does not operate between the airports and the towns, or the towns and villages.

For more information and reservations contact:


Pagkypria Eteria Yperastikon Taxi Ltd (Cyprus Interurban Taxi Co Ltd)

Travel & Express
Tel: (+357) 77 777 474
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leoforos Salaminos, MunicipalParking Place (Kolokasi) - Tel: (+357) 22 730 888

Gonia Kavazoglou & Misiaouli - Tel:  (+357) 25 877 666

a) Gonia Papakyriakou & Marsellou / b) Kimonos 2 - Tel: (+357) 24 661 010

Kinyras 34 - Tel: (+357) 26 923 800

Griva Digeni 105 - Tel: (+357) 23 826 061


Urban Taxis
This is a 24-hour service provided in all towns. Taxis can be booked by phone, or hired directly from the street, and are equipped with taximeters - the use of which is obligatory.
Charging commences upon the passenger entering the taxi, and is based on the following chart:


Tariff 1
06:01 - 20:30

Tariff 2
20:31 - 06:00

Initial charge



Fare per km



Delay or waiting time per hour



For each piece of luggage



Public Holidays Surcharge




Please note: Taxis charge an extra supplement of €1,96 per ride during the following Public Holidays:
- December 24, 25, 26 & 31
- January 01
- Good Friday & Good Saturday
- Easter Sunday & Easter Monday
- May 01

Please note: There is an increase of 20% for carrying five (5) passengers, and an increase of 40% for carrying six (6) passengers.

Please note: The transport of pets is allowed only when they are carried in small pet-carrying boxes and incurs an additional charge.

Taxis are strictly regulated. Should you feel you need to make a complaint regarding a taxi service or driver, please forward your complaints to the Road Traffic Department of the relevant town as per below, or to the police on: (+357) 22 802 020.

Vasileos Pavlou 17
1425, Engomi
Tel: (+357) 22 807 000, Fax: (+357) 22 354 030

Korivou - Kampos Polemidion
3112, Polemidia
Tel: (+357) 25 870 426, Fax: (+357) 25 305 674

Acropoleos 13
Aradippou Industrial Area
7101, Aradipou
Tel: (+357) 24 828 253, Fax: (+357) 24 659 714

Industrial area Mesogi
P.O. Box 62191
8061, Pafos
Tel: (+357) 26 821 335 / (+357) 26 821 347, Fax: (+357) 26 821 353


Rural Taxis
Rural taxis operate in village areas and can only be hired from and to their base station. An exception is permitted when hiring is made at the airport or seaport, where the taxi driver must present such document proving the collection of certain customers.

These taxis are not equipped with taximeters and charging is instead based on a kilometre/tariff rate. The minimum charge is €3,64.

Charging commences upon the passenger entering the taxi, and is based on the following chart:


Tariff 1
06:01 - 20:30

Tariff 2
20:31 - 06:00

Single trip per km



Return trip per km



Delay or waiting time per hour



For each piece of luggage weighing more than 12kg





Vehicle Hire

Cars and motorcycles can be easily hired on the island, which is serviced by fairly good surfaced roads that comply with international traffic requirements, and link the towns and the various villages.

Four lane motorways connect the capital, Lefkosia, with the coastal towns of Lemesos, Larnaka, Pafos and Agia Napa.

Minor roads and forest roads are still largely not surfaced, but in good to fair condition. Appropriate care should be taken when using these roads, especially during wet weather.

Please note:  Traffic moves on the LEFT hand-side of the road, NOT on the right.


Car Hire

Major self-drive car rental firms have offices in all towns, as well as at the Larnaka and Pafos International Airports.

Self-drive cars are also known as ‘Z cars’ because their registration number, which is shown on red plates, often starts with the letter ‘Z’.

Rates vary according to the category of the car, period of rental, period of the year and extras.

Use of the rental car is for unlimited mileage. The rental car is usually delivered to the customer with a full tank, paid for by the customer. If the car is returned with a full tank, the customer receives a refund, unless stated otherwise in the contract.

Rental cars can be delivered and collected at the island’s two airports by prior arrangement.


Insurance Issues

Insurance is charged extra. Drivers under 25 years of age holding a driving license for less than three (3) years at the time of rental must inform the car rental company, so that under-age insurance coverage is provided.

In the event of damages sustained to the rental car, the customer is responsible for a certain amount, depending on the category of car.

Please note: When hiring a car, the insurance is only valid within the area under the control of the Republic of Cyprus.


Motorcycle Hire

Firms hiring motorcycles, mopeds and autocycles can be found in all towns and holiday resorts.

If you are going to drive a motorcycle or moped you need to bear the following in mind:

- The law states that both the driver and passenger must wear a helmet. Rental agencies should supply helmet(s) at the time of rental, upon request.

- A passenger can be carried on appropriate motorcycles/ mopeds provided that he/she is over 12-years-old and sits astride the seat.

- Rates vary according to the category of the motorcycle, the number of days and period of the year.

- Insurance is charged extra.

- Rental is for unlimited mileage.

- The International Motorcycle-Driving License is valid in Cyprus. Visitors may also drive vehicles using their national Motorcycle-Driving License, provided this is valid in their own country for the class of vehicle they wish to drive.

- Persons who are 17 years of age may not drive any vehicles, other than the Auto Cycles (49cc).

- Persons who are over 18 years of age may drive motorcycles depending on the type of license they hold.


Driving on the island

Please note the following for driving on the island:

- Traffic moves on the LEFT hand-side of the road, NOT on the right.

- International road traffic signs are in use, and placed along the roads and highways, on the left hand-side.

- Distances and road speed limits are posted in kilometres and kilometres -per hour (km/h) respectively.

- The maximum speed limit on the motorways is 100 km/h and the lower speed limit is 65 km/h.

- On all other roads the general speed limit is 80 km/h, unless a lower one is indicated.

- In built-up areas, the speed limit is generally 50km/h, unless a different one is indicated.

- The use of seat–belts is compulsory (front and back).

- Children must use the child restraint appropriate for their weight.

- Children can travel in the rear and use an adult belt in a taxi if the right child restraint is not available.

- Rear facing baby seats must NOT be used in a seat protected by a frontal air bag unless the air bag has been deactivated manually or automatically.

- Rush hours in the towns are approximately between 07:30-08:00 / 13:00–15:30 and in late afternoon 17:00 - 18:00 in winter, or 18:00 – 19:00 in summer.

- Due to the intense brightness of the clear Mediterranean sky, drivers are advised to wear sunglasses.

- Driving, or being in charge of a motor vehicle or pedal cycle with alcohol concentration in breath or blood above the prescribed limit, is an offence. The permissible limit in the blood is 50 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood (BAC 0,5mg/ml). The permissible limit in breath is up to 22 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of exhaled air.

- In case of an accident, call 112 immediately.

- Hands free during driving is mandatory. During driving, the driver should take all necessary measures to ensure that his/her hands are free at all times in order to have full control of the vehicle. Therefore the use of a mobile phone is strictly prohibited.


Driving License

Visitors in Cyprus can drive using a valid International Driving Licence, or their National Driving Licence, provided it is valid for the class of vehicle they wish to drive.

The cost of a Cyprus Driving Licence is €40,00 for people aged up to 65, and free over the age of 65.

European driving licences are recognized officially by legislation (Law 94 (1)/2001).

Driving licences issued by the following countries must be replaced after a period of six (6) months:
- Norway
- Island
- Lichtenstein
- Australia
- Switzerland
- Zimbabwe
- United States of America
- Japan
- Canada
- New Zealand
- South Africa
- Russia
- Georgia
- Ukraine
- South Korea
- Serbia

Non-European citizens and citizens who come from any country other than the above mentioned countries are allowed to drive holding their particular nation’s Driving License for a period of around 30 days (this period is not strictly restricted). If they are holders of an International Driving License, they are allowed to drive, provided their license is valid.

Please note: A valid Driving Licence is a licence that has not been expired or cancelled, or repealed by the court or by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.


Emergency Breakdown Service

Private companies offer 24-hour breakdown service all over the island. There are emergency phones placed all along the motorway. Any of the car breakdown services can be contacted through the operator.

The Cyprus Automobile Association is the only organization in Cyprus that is a member of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA - International Federation of Automobiles), to which all the recognised automobile associations of the world belong to, with over 100 million members.

The association also offers to its members and the members of sister clubs around the world the following services:
- Towing / breakdown assistance – battery problems, tyre problems
- Technical advice
- Legal advice

For more information, contact:

Cyprus Automobile Association
Chr. Mylona 12, CY 2014, Lefkosia
P.O. Box, 22279, CY 1519 Lefkosia
Tel: (+357) 22 313 233, Fax: (+357) 22 313 482


Own Vehicles

Aside from renting vehicles, visitors wishing to bring their own car to Cyprus can do so, providing they secure the relevant authorization by the Department of Customs and Excise. For further information contact:

Customs & Excise Department
M. Karaoli & Gr. Afxentiou
1096 Lefkosia
Tel: (+357) 22 601 713, Fax: (+357) 22 302 031
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If bringing your own vehicle to the island, please note that drivers from the territory of the EU should not be intercepted at the point of entry in Cyprus for proof of insurance cover, as it is presumed that the driver and car are covered by insurance in the country that issued their license plates, even if they may not be so covered.

In the latter case, the International Insurance Bureau of the driver’s country will be held responsible to compensate the claimant as a result of the Guarantee Agreement in force. (Unified Agreement or Internal Regulations).

If a foreign visitor brings a motor vehicle bearing a registration plate not belonging to one of the EU territory countries into Cyprus , then the Cyprus Authorities should check whether the foreign motorist has a valid Green Card In force for Cyprus. For further information please contact:


Motor Insurer's Fund
Zinonos Sozou, 23, CY 1075, Lefkosia
P.O.Box: 22025, CY 1516, Lefkosia
Tel: (+357) 22 763 913, Fax: (+357) 22 761 007
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Parking Facilities

Parking places (both municipal and private) are found in town centres, charging approximately €2 - €3 for a half day’s parking.

Parking in central city areas is parking meter controlled. The cost per hour is €1 - €2 on weekdays, during office hours. Parking meters do not operate on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Parking and waiting is prohibited along a double yellow line. Along a single yellow line, loading and unloading is allowed, but parking is prohibited at all times.

Parking for the registered disabled is free.



Petrol is unleaded and 95 and 98 octane fuel is available. There are other more expensive fuels, but you are unlikely to need them.

Diesel fuel sold for motor vehicles is the cleaner Euro diesel. Fuel is sold by the litre.


Petrol Stations

Petrol stations are numerous in all towns and tourist resorts but only few in mountainous areas and villages. So if you are planning such a trip, be sure you have enough fuel to get you there and back.

Many major stations have shops where you can buy auto accessories and food.

Opening hours:
- Monday-Friday: 06:00 - 19:00 (April 1 - September 30)
- Monday-Friday: 06:00 - 18:00 (October 1 - March 31)
- Saturday: 06:00 - 15:00

Most petrol stations are closed for attendant service on Sunday and Tuesday afternoon (Wednesday afternoon in Lefkosia area). This is not usually a problem though, as petrol stations are equipped with petrol vending machines that accept banknotes and credit cards. Vending machines operate during non-working hours, on weekends and on Public Holidays.



The Republic of Cyprus is the sole sovereign authority under International Law with exclusive jurisdiction to determine which of its airports on its territory are open and functioning.

Visitors arriving in Cyprus by air, may enter the Republic of Cyprus only through the International Airports of Larnaka and Pafos. Entry via any other airport is illegal. The operation of airports built in the areas of Cyprus which are under Turkish military occupation since 1974, has never been authorised by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.

These airports are, consequently, illegal points of entry into the Republic of Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus maintains the right to impose penalties on those who violate the law by using illegal airports. The penalties are very strict and provide for imprisonment for no more than twelve months, or payment of a fine for no more than €1,700, or both.

The so-called ‘Ercan’ airport is not recognized by ICAO, which is the highest international authority on legal issues relating to civil aviation in general. ICAO’s policy on matters relating to Cyprus is in conformity with that of the United Nations and the international community. Consequently, ICAO recognizes only the Republic of Cyprus and its Government as the sole representative of the whole island.

It should also be stressed that according to the ICAO decision of 1974, 1975 and 1977, a country not exercising temporarily effective control over its territory by reason of military occupation, does not lose its sovereign rights over such territory and the airspace above it.

Furthermore, Turkey, in violation of the Chigaco Convention on the International Civil Aviation, the constitutional instrument of ICAO, and its Annexes, to which 188 countries, including the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey are States-Parties to, and following a number of illegal acts after the Turkish invasion, proclaimed the establishment of ‘Ercan advisory service’ which lies in the northern part of Nicosia FIR. At this airport the entry, clearance, immigration, customs, quarantine regulations, aviation security and conditions for passengers, mail and cargo, as required by the Republic of Cyprus are not observed. Hence, the security and safety of passengers and cargo is not guaranteed.


Larnaka International Airport

The airport is:
- 8 km (3 miles) from Larnaka town
- 50 km (31 miles) from Lefkosia
- 70 km (43 miles) from Lemesos
- 50 km (31 miles) from Agia Napa
- 140 km (87 miles) from Pafos

Services offered to travellers at Larnaka Airport include:
- Automated Flight information (24-hour service).
- Pancyprian Telephone Number: (+357) 77 778 833.
- Live agents available from 08:00-23:00, daily.
- Hotel reservations can also be arranged.
- Customer Service Desk, offering 24-hour service. For assistance please call: (+357) 24 816 400.
- ATM machines/banks (open daily 07:30 - 23:30).
- Card telephones.
- Duty Free shops.
- Food & Beverage - wide variety of outlets.
- Luggage storage service.
- Newsstand, kiosk and souvenir shop.
- Taxis with rates based on a taximeter.
- Shuttle buses to different towns.
- Car rental offices.
- VAT Refund Office (located before passport control).
- Special Assistance Facilities.
- Post Office - open 07:30 - 15:30 (except Sundays and Public Holidays). Tel: (+357) 24 008 748.
- Health Inspector’s Office.
- Car park facilities. Car park rates and facilities for advance booking can be found online at:


Pafos International Airport

The airport is:
- 15 km (9 miles) east of Pafos town
- 63 km (39 miles) from Lemesos
- 130 km (81 miles) from Larnaka
- 50 km (28 miles) from Polis
- 142 km (88 miles) from Lefkosia

Services offered to travellers at Pafos International Airport include:
- Hotel Reservations can also be arranged.
- ATM machines.
- Card telephones.
- Duty Free shops.
- Food & Beverage - wide variety of outlets.
- Newsstands, kiosk and souvenir shop.
- Taxis with rates based on a taximeter.
- Shuttle buses to different towns.
- Car rental offices.
- Special Assistance Facilities.
- Car parking facilities. Car park rates and facilities for advance booking can be found online at:


Cruises & Boat Trips

A number of short cruises sail from Cyprus, with trips lasting typically between two-to-five days onboard large and comfortable ships. You can either book a trip while on holiday in Cyprus, or through tour operators abroad who feature the cruises in their holiday brochures.

There are also a large variety of short boat trips available from and to various destinations around the island, sailing from almost all marinas and fishing shelters on different size and style vessels.

With weather permitting, boats trips sail from May to October, and usually include drinks and snacks onboard, with lunch or dinner served either onboard, or at a seaside restaurant.

Indicative itineraries are as follows:
- From Lemesos old Harbour to Lady’s Mile beach and Cape Gata.
- From Pafos Harbour to Coral Bay, Pegeia area, Lara Beach and Geroskipou Beach.
- From Polis (Latsi) along the Akamas coast.
- From Agia Napa to Paralimni and Protaras area.
- From Larnaka Marina along Larnaka, Agia Napa and Protaras coast.

Please note: For the time being there is no ferry boat connection between Cyprus and other countries.


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Cyprus Videos

Watch a selection of videos that capture highlights of the island, its attractions, natural beauty, activities and events.





Cyprus Maps

Explore the Regions and Cities of Cyprus and find cycling routes, beaches, harbors, museums, cultural routes, wine routes, monuments and many more.


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