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Gran Fondo 2017 powered by Volkswagen

Cyprus Gran Fondo 2017 powered by Volkswagen
VW Cyprus Cycling Tour enters the UCI Gran Fondo World Series
Are you ready for the "Big Ride"?
International Recognition for Cyprus cycling
After five years of continuous development and successful organization of the VW Cyprus Cycling Tour now ranks among the largest cycling events for amateurs, the racing series of the International Cycling Union, the UCI Gran Fondo World Series.
To VW Cyprus Cycling Tour, as Cyprus Gran Fondo will now be featured in 2017 among the 19 biggest cycling events of the UCI, of which 10 are held in Europe. These events act as qualifiers for the world amateur championship to be held in August 2017 in Albi, France. All participants of Cyprus Gran Fondo will have the opportunity to earn their qualification in the Gran Fondo World Championship.
Every rider who qualifies for the World Championships, through the Cyprus Gran Fondo, will receive a commemorative UCI Gran Fondo World Series medal whereas all riders will receive a participant's medal from the first ever VW Cyprus Cycling Tour - Cyprus Gran Fondo 2017!
New age categories and new rider groups.
Due to the increased participation throughout the years and the diversity among the participants in terms of target and experience, in 2017 new groups will be introduced. The "Expert Group" and the "Sportive Group" will differ in nature and composition. Stay tuned for more details that will help you decide which to go for!
Qualification to the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships
Each UGFWS event will grant participation rights for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships. By the end of each race, the first 25% athletes of each age group will be awarded with guaranteed entry to the Gran Fondo World Championships and be able to race for the World Champion title. The first three of each age category will always qualify directly for the World Championships, independent of the number of starters in that age group. Riders have to finish the race to be qualified. The 25% is calculated based on the number of starters, not on the number of finished riders. The winners of the slots will be announced on the UCI Gran Fondo World Series website and will be invited by e-mail.
Cycling in Cyprus
It is spring in Cyprus and this is when Cyprus is at its best. A cool breeze, a bright-but-not-hot sun, green grass, wild flowers, a light drizzle – it is paradise out there. Its time for the Cyprus Gran Fondo powered by Volkswagen!
Cyprus Gran Fondo 2017 powered by Volkswagen The course is designed to be all-rounded! It offers a challenge to the competitive riders, while at the same it can be completed by the "Cycling for All" riders at their own pace.
Each riding day is approximately 80km to 100km long with altitude gain of +1500m to +1700m 
3-DAY (2-Nights) Participation Package with extended stay options for overseas participants and their families and friends.
Cyprus Gran Fondo 2017 powered by Volkswagen will be raising funds for supporting the Free Services, Support Programs and Awareness Program of Larnaka Anti-Drug Association (SYKANA)
The Event
The Cyprus Gran Fondo 2017 powered by Volkswagen is a 3-day Road "Cycling for All" event that will take place in Cyprus during the last weekend of March 2017 for the sixth consecutive year.It's an event where professional and amateur riders will ride shoulder to shoulder, climb the nicest Cyprus Mountains and enjoy the Cyprus weather and nature.
Our idea is to bring passionate cyclists together, on the bike, to enjoy the amazing Cyprus nature and have fun in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.
Starting from the course we have designed a challenging, interesting and beautiful course for the three days of the event. Starting every day next to the Mediterranean coast, climbing some of the nicest mountains of the island and passing through many traditional villages, it offers the participants an unforgettable experience. It is this compactness of Cyprus that gives a unique experience to a cyclist who wants to have everything in just one ride! We will give you this experience every day, for three consecutive days!
Looking to create a comfortable environment for your free-of-cycling time, we have chosen the best Hotels in Paphos. These hotels include facilities that can make you relax and enjoy your off-the-bike time during the Cyprus Gran Fondo 2017 powered by Volkswagen. The hotels' facilities can also be a great solution for your family while you are enjoying your Cycling.
Location - Pafos Castle for all three days
In 2017, the Start Location will be in Pafos, in front of the Pafos Castle, for ALL three stages!! This means more convenience and less hassle with transfers and parking!
The first stage of the event for the Sportive group starts from Pafos Castle the route will head towards Kouklia - Kourion - Kouklia, with a long timed section in between!
For the Expert group the first stage will be an Individual time trial starting from Nikoklia, near Pafos
The second stage route remains the same as in 2016. Starting from Pafos Castle riders head to Kouklia for a short break before the timed section. Timed section follows the route to Archimandrita, Dora, Arsos before the fast section in Diarizos valley. The finish line will be in Kouklia.
The third and last stage starts from Pafos Castle, heads towards Pegia before climbing up to Kathikas, Kritou Terra and then to Stroumpi and finish line in Tsada!
Cyprus for Cycling
Cyprus is a biker’s paradise and it’s not just because of the guaranteed sunshine. Granted the excellent weather conditions prevailing on the island, cycling can be enjoyed almost throughout the year and unlike other European or Mediterranean countries, strong headwinds are rare.
But it is the island’s compactness that is its main attraction, offering rapid changes of terrain and scenery on even the shortest cycling routes. Within the space of 10 km you can go from steep to flat, enabling you to experience all surfaces within a short period of time, and making the island into one huge cycling arena.
A number of bike centres, such as our sister company Bikin'Cyprus Adventures, are available on the island offering rental services, route information, guide assistance and support. They can organise your journey to take you through a varied landscape combining mountain views, rugged coastlines, tranquil vineyards and olive groves and fascinating ancient ruins.
Something for your family and friends
Yoga and Pilates sessions
Spa treatments
Wine tasting tours
As many participants will like to stay close with their family and friends during the Cyprus Gran Fondo 2017 powered by Volkswagen, we have organized special family arrangements for accommodation and entertainment. The arrangements contain accommodation in the same hotels as the participants.
Also, if you like to have an extended stay in Cyprus to enjoy your holiday before or after the event there are various Hotels to choose from with special prices for the participants and their friends and families.

From Friday, March 24, 2017
To Sunday, March 26, 2017

Region : PAFOS


Category : Sports

Gran Fondo 2017

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