Concert: "On the wings of Love” - Faneromeni 18 Arts Festival
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Concert: "On the wings of Love” - Faneromeni 18 Arts Festival

To dance the tango, you need to feel alive and free. It’s not important whether you are strong or not. It’s a question of intensity. You must hearken, listen and accept. Love with all your being and make your heart a part of your dancing.
Precisely such passion, intensity and freedom that are without a doubt features of the Latin American countries, but also the wings of love of the Mediterranean have united the artistic duo of Viviana Yiannaki, a soprano of Cypriot descent, and Argentinian-Italian musician Mariano Gil.
Sharing a passion for music and motivated by the music tradition of their countries, they promise to set the scene for a night full of passion and rhythm.
The collaboration of the two talented artists has yielded a presentation of Medieval Cypriot songs, songs of the Hellenic world and, of course, Argentinian tango – even as contemporary music development is showcased by modern composers e.g. C. Domeniconi, A. Piazzolla, R. Dyens and M. Gil.

Courtyard of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
86-88-90 Phaneromenis street
P.O.Box 21995
1515 Lefkosia, Cyprus
Tel. +357 22 128 157
Fax +357 22 662 898
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Free Entrance

Thursday, July 12, 2018, 21:00



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