The Cyprus Hip-Hop Festival 2018
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The Cyprus Hip-Hop Festival 2018

August will close this year with the biggest Hip-Hop Festival in Cyprus!

The Cyprus Hip-Hop Festival will take place for the fifth consecutive year in the capital of the island, in the heart of old Lefkosia, at the RED Music Stage.

RED Music Stage
Dionysou 15
Old Town Hall Square
Lefkosia 1016, Cyprus
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +357 22 767 711

Entry will be fifteen (15) Euro.
The sale of limited tickets at twelve (12) Euro will start in early August.

Telephone number: +347 99 885 773.

All lovers of hip-hop music and culture are invited to attend a unique night with DJs, MCs, BeatBox and Breaking.

The evening will start at 17:00 with B-Boys and B-Girls presenting themselves with dancing battles and cyphers, and with D-Prank in the music. You will also enjoy Bassick Crew as well as the True Enforcers of Advance Movement! Of course all B-Boys and B-Girls of the island will be welcomed in the area for the duration of the dance evening.

At 19:30 DJ Bkas will take over the decks and the microphones will open for the Open Mic phase. This will give the opportunity to anyone from the audiencewho to get live on stage. There will be a live beat box show from Cyprus Beatbox

At about 20:30 the live appearances of MCs will begin.

Guests from Greece for this year are Anser with Eversor, as well as Harmanis from the legendary Living Deads, who will share the scene with the Cypriot bands and artists!

Presenter and host of the evening will be John Ioannou a.k.a. Pikpas, who will give us an exclusive DJ set during the event.

Official Sponsors:
Monster Energy
Photogramma Ltd

Boombox Hip-Hop Radio

Flyers / Poster design: Odysseas Vangelis (

Saturday, August 25, 2018, 17:00



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The Cyprus Hip-Hop Festival 2018

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