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Akamas - Pafos2017

This is an extensive project aiming to create the necessary conditions for the communities living in Akamas Peninsula to contribute to the preservation
of the natural beauty of their surrounding environment. Akamas is a thinly populated peninsula to the Northwest of Pafos and home to a diverse number of species, including important sea turtles that build their nests and lay their eggs on the sandy beaches of the area. Wild flowers are abundant and some of them are endemic, rare and endangered to this 230 square kilometers area of vast biodiversity.
The project promotes a model of sustainable development which has already been applied in areas of environmental importance around the Mediterranean,
in European countries and the Middle East. The project develops three dimensions- the ecological, the cultural and the economical- with a variety of activities and events which have been designed to offer local people and visitors the opportunity to enjoy nature, to protect it, but also to get involved in intercultural dialogue. The project includes the creation of cultural routes, environmental education programmes for local school children, visitors’ information centres and cultural events with the prospect of these becoming annual. Moreover, the Akamas Project will set the foundation for the building of a bi-communal cultural centre in a Turkish Cypriot village and a museum-study centre on ecology and archaeology at Agios Georgios and Yeronissos, supported by a network of national and international partnerships. The implementation of the project started in 2016 and will be completed in 2018. The design and general coordination of the project belongs to the environmental educator, Daniella Pistenti Mouyiannou.

Akamas Peninsula,
Pafos, Cyprus

Website: www.pafos2017.eu

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