Archbishop Makarios III Foundation Art Galleries
The four rooms of the Art Galleries of the Cultural Centre of the Archbishop Makarios III Foundation contain a unique collection of representative works of West European art from the Renaissance to modern times, as well as Greek and Cypriot masterpieces.

The collection is separated into four entities:

a) Western European panting (15th -19th centuries) with mainly religious and mythological themes as well as portraits and landscapes, works attributed to Sebastino del Piombo, Francesco Vanni, Nicolas Poussin, Theodore Gericault, Eugene Delacroixetc.

b) Greece in the 18th and the 19th centuries with paintings engravings and maps by European painters, with special emphasis on themes from the 1821 Greek Revolution.

c) Greek painting (19th - 20th centuries): Traces the evolution of Greek painting from the establishment of the Greek state (1830) to the present day.

d) Cypriot painting (20th century): Despite its small size, Cypriot art is open to world art and marked by diversity inspired by the multiplicity of artistic trends. This is exemplified in the remarkable work of Cypriot artists shown at international exhibitions.

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Agios Ioannis Cathedral
A small Franco - Byzantine style chapel with an astonishing interior
Archbishop's Palace
A religious, national and political monument
Famagusta Gate-Venetian Walls - Lefkosia