Agia Solomoni Church

The so-called Catacomb of Agia Solomoni was originally built in the Hellenistic period. It consists of an open court surrounded by five rock - cut chambers, one of which has a spring. The west chamber has an apse set into the west wall and remnants of Christian wall paintings. It is clear that at some later point it was converted into a church. Agia Solomoni was one of the first to reject idolatry and embrace Christianity. According to tradition, Solomoni took refuge in the cave to escape persecution from the Romans. The Romans walled up the entrance, condemning her to a slow and cruel death. However, when the cave was opened 200 years later, the Saint walked out alive. There is a huge terebinth tree above the “catacomb”, its branches adorned by colourful rags and bits of clothing left by the faithful as offerings to the saint.

Leoforos Agiou Pavlou, Kato Pafos
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