Honeymoons in Cyprus
Medieval castles perched precariously on hilltops that make you think of knights in shining armour, fabulous mosaic floors in a Roman nobleman’s villa to inspire your dreamhouse, or unspoiled countryside with charming villages and slow pace of life. Whatever your desires, a honeymoon in Cyprus is the perfect start to your married life.

Go out for a candlelit dinner and savour fresh Mediterranean flavours at numerous restaurants featuring both local and international cuisine. Then paint the town red jiving to the latest tunes or joining in some Greek dancing. Or simply enjoy Cyprus’ magical evenings gazing at the stars through clear skies, lulled by the gentle sounds of the night crickets. In Cyprus the living is easy; you set your own pace.

And when you’ve drunk your fill of each other, the island also offers you history and tradition as well as interesting places to discover. Follow in Aphrodite’s footsteps by swimming at the spot where she is said to have risen from the waves. See the grotto where she took her beauty baths on the beautiful Akamas peninsula and frolicked with her lover, Adonis. Or pretend you’re a worshipper of her cult as you wander among the ancient ruins of the many archaeological sites dedicated to her worship.