Palaepafos Aphrodite Cultural Route
Pafos (Paphos), as the area that played a dominant role in the genesis of Kyprida Aphrodite, combines the most interesting visits. These include the main archaeological site of Palaepafos (Kouklia), the Chalcolithic site of Lempa, a number of museums, nature sites and trails. Visits can start from any site.

Aphrodite's Cultural Route

Kouklia Village
Aphrodite, Adonis and Fontana Amoroza Nature Trails
Aphrodite (Circular) Nature Trail
Passes from the Baths of Aphrodite
Adonis (Circular) Nature Trail
Offers fine views to Polis, Pafos forest and Akamas peninsula
Sanctuary of Aphrodite at Palaepafos
Feel the aura of the goddess of love
Baths of Aphrodite - Polis
Akamas - Pafos
Lempa Prehistoric Settlement
A significant settlement of the Chalcolithic period