Adonis (Circular) Nature Trail
This trail offers fine views to Polis, Pafos Forest (Paphos Forest) and the Akamas peninsula. The path goes past Pyrgos tis Rigainas (Queen’s Tower), linking up with the Smigies trail at Kefalovrysia, where there is a fountain with drinking water. There is an alternative possibility of linking up with the Aphrodite trail. To return full circle, the trail follows the main road that connects Baths of Aphrodite with Polis for about 400 metres.
400 metres before Baths of Aphrodite
Baths of Aphrodite
3 - 4 hours
Category 3: High degree of difficulty. Route with difficult terrain such as sudden changes in gradient (uphill and/or downhill), course along particularly rough and/or slippery, and/or narrow, and/or steep terrain. Suitable for adults in very good to excellent fitness levels. Unsuitable for young children.
7,5 kilometres
Aphrodite (Circular) Nature Trail
Passes from the Baths of Aphrodite
Akamas Hiking - Pafos
Polis - Akamas Lighthouse Cycling Route
A rather difficult route at the Akamas area
Baths Of Aphrodite At Polis Chrysochous
Panoramic Image
Smigies Long Route (Circular) Nature Trail
Passing through the disused magnesium mines and Akamas forest
Baths of Aphrodite
The place where the Goddess of Love used to bathe