Alona Petrou Vanezi (Circular) Nature Trail
Alona is one of the most beautiful villages of the Pitsilia region with stone houses and rich greenery. The trail goes through hazelnut, cherry, apple and almond trees to reach a water stream.
At two points on the main road of Alona village. One point is located by the Alona Co-operative building. The second point is located 300 metres further to the south, by the village church.
Alona village
30 minutes
Category 3: High degree of difficulty. Route with difficult terrain such as sudden changes in gradient (uphill and/or downhill), course along particularly rough and/or slippery, and/or narrow, and/or steep terrain. Suitable for adults in very good to excellent fitness levels. Unsuitable for young children.
1,5 kilometres
Pitsylia - Troodos Cycling Route
A short but fairly difficult route passing through charming villages
Nature - Prunus dulcis - Almond Trees
Troodos Hiking
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