Larnaka Airport - Rizoelia E4 Long Distance Trail
The route starts at Larnaka (Larnaca) International Airport, following a southerly course on a 1 kilometres paved road along Larnaka (Larnaca) Salt Lake, past the Mosque of Hala Sultan Tekke (altitude 10 metres) and on to a dirt road southeast of the Salt Lake as far as Kamares aqueduct. It then crosses the Larnaka (Larnaca) - Lemesos (Limassol) A5 highway, near the old “Pasha” building and heads northwest towards Aradippou Industrial zone along a 1,5 kilometres dirt track. Crossing the road it goes through the Aradippou Industrial Zone, finishing by the eastern entrance to the Rizoelia National Forest Park. The vegetation surrounding Larnaka Salt Lake includes rushes found in wetlands and reed beds. Plants along the route consist mostly of terebinth, date palms, olive trees, eucalyptus trees, tamarisks and thyme. Rock formations consist mainly of deposits of sand and pebbles, sand and clay, sand and gravel, chalky marls and gypsum.
Larnaka Airport
About 5 - 7 hours
12 kilometres
Larnaka Salt Lake
A stopover for thousands of migratory birds and particularly noted for the flamingos
Interior of Halan Sultan Tekkesi - Larnaka
Bell tower at Agios Lazaros Church - Larnaka
Larnaka Tourist Beach - Meneou Cycling Route
A bike excursion of Larnaka
Larnaka Marina Main Pier
Panoramic Image
Rizoelia - Pyla E4 Long Distance Trail
From Rizoelia National Forest Park to the bi-communal village of Pyla
Larnaka Fort
A notable fort with long history
Larnaka "Past and Present" City Route
Explore the history and development of the city of Larnaka