Lazanias - Fikardou (Linear) Nature Trail
This route offers panoramic views of the surrounding region and is rich in flora and fauna. It links up with the Machairas - Lazanias and Fikardou - Archontides restaurant trails.
200 metres after Lazanias village
Fikardou village
45 minutes
Category 2: Average degree of difficulty, suitable for adults in fair to good fitness levels. Sudden changes in gradient (uphill and/or downhill), and/or course along narrow or rough terrain.
2 kilometres
Fikardou Rural Museum: The Houses of Katsinioros and Achilleas Dimitri
A Europa Nostra prize winner museum
Machairas Monastery
One of the most important monasteries in Cyprus
Fikardou - Archontides (Linear) Nature Trail
Spectacular views of the surrounding area rich in flora and fauna
Machairas - Pitsylia Cycling Route
A fairly difficult route through picturesque villages