Klavdia - Delikipos E4 Long Distance Trail
The first part of this trail starts at the village of Klavdia and ends at Delikipos Park. The surrounding area is semi-mountainous, while the geology consists mainly of pillow lava and diabase dykes, diabase and alluvial deposits. The forest vegetation is mainly Calabrian pine, cypress, wild olive, Mediterranean hawthorn and lentisk, while the fruit trees are olive and carob. From Klavdia the trail goes southwest to the Monastery of Stavrovouni, past the Churches of Panagia tis Stazousas, Agios Modestos and Agia Varvara. Stavrovouni (Mountain of the Cross) Monastery was built in 327 by Agia Eleni who left a fragment of the Holy Cross there, hence its name. Women are not allowed into the monastery proper. The route then continues northwest to the village of Kornos and Kornos picnic site, ending at Delikipos village. There are plenty of facilities all along the route, including catering establishments and medical assistance. Points of interest include splendid views from Stavrovouni peak and traditional pottery at Kornos village.
About 10 - 13 hours
28,5 kilometres
Stavrovouni Monastery
A 4th century monastery built on the edge on a rocky peak
Stavrovouni-Anglisides (Linear) - Nature Trail
Superb views towards Larnaka Airport, Larnaka town and the Salt Lake
Stavrovouni Monastery
Panoramic Image
Avdellero - Panagia Stazousa church E4 Long Distance Trail
Admire the beautiful nature and visit ecclesiastical monuments