Germasogeia - Polemidia Cycling Route
This 63,5 kilometres excursion goes through the eastern villages of the Lemesos (Limassol) district as well as some of the mountain villages in the foothills of the Pitsylia region such as Agros. You can also go down towards Palaichori along the routes of the Lefkosia (Nicosia) district. The route heads north, starting at Germasogeia roundabout. Climbing through the village, it goes past Germasogeia Dam and the villages of Akrounta, Dierona and Arakapas. At Arakapas, the route turns west and continues climbing steadily to the village of Kalo Chorio where it meets the Lemesos - Pitsylia road. Heading in the direction of Lemesos, a short distance down the road and to the right is the dirt road that leads to Agios Mamas. From Agios Mamas the route begins to descend along a paved road, passing through the villages of Kapileio and Korfi to reach the roundabout of Polemidia on the outskirts of Lemesos.
Polemidia - Lemesos
63,5 kilometres
Average. It requires a mountain bike with at least 21 speeds.
A combination of paved and dirt roads.
840 metres
Cycling in Cyprus
Cyprus on a pedal
Agros village - Lemesos
Germasogeia dam (Circular) Nature Trail
Goes round the dam where you can find various kinds of fish
Kyparissia - Germasogeia dam (Linear) Nature Trail
Panoramic views of Germasogeia dam and Lemesos
Agios Mamas Church - Louvaras village, Lemesos