Larnaka - Nisou Cycling Route
This 61 kilometres excursion from Larnaka (Larnaca) to Nisou through the hills of the Kakoradjia region is a difficult ride and links up nicely with a number of alternative routes. Starting at Larnaka (Larnaca) Port roundabout, it travels along Stratigos Timagia Avenue, crosses the traffic lights at the Fire Department and continues straight to the next traffic lights where it turns left to reach the traffic lights by Phaneromeni Church on the Larnaka (Larnaca) Airport - Meneou road. From there it turns right and goes south, past the airport roundabout and southwest to Meneou. Just before Kiti village, it turns right towards Mazotos, which is about 10 kilometres further down after the fuel station. The fuel station also happens to be the starting point for the Mazotos-Vavatsinia-Kofinou route. From Mazotos the route continues west towards Alaminos and reaches Kofinou where it meets the old Lefkosia (Nicosia) - Lemesos (Limassol) road. It turns right and to the north towards Lefkosia. From this point on it becomes more difficult, owing to a 6 kilometres long 220 metres high vertical climb. After that, it is downhill all the way through the villages of Pyrga, Mosfiloti, Alampra and Nisou.
Port roundabout
61 kilometres
There are a number of steep uphills so the route requires a street bicycle with at least 14 speeds.
Paved roads throughout.
505 metres
Kition Archaeological Site
The architectural ruins of the ancient city-kingdom of Kition
Cyprus on a pedal
Mazotos - Kofinou Cycling Route
A fairly difficult route along the western coast of Larnaka
Royal Chapel
Of the most attractive surviving structures of the Frankish period
Local Route: Larnaka - Ammochostos Religious Route
Passing from Agios Lazaros Church, the Εcclesiastical Museum and several Byzantine Monuments
Alaminos Sea Caves - Larnaka