Mazotos - Kofinou Cycling Route
This excursion travels along the western coastal district of Larnaka (Larnaca), climbing towards the hillside villages of the region and past the archaeological site of Choirokoitia to end at Kofinou.

The 80 kilometres route begins at the Mazotos fuel station on the outskirts of the village and continues on the road towards the villages of Agios Theodoros and Zygi to the southwest, travelling along the coast as far as Zygi. From there the road climbs north towards Psematismenos, crossing the Lefkosia - Lemesos (Nicosia - Limassol) motorway over the footbridge, and reaches the archaeological site of Choirokoitia.

The route continues in a northwesterly direction, going through the village of Choirokoitia and, climbing steadily, through the villages of Vavla, Lageia and Ora. From Ora it turns right and after 10 kilometres, heading first north and then northwest, reaches Vavatsinia. Vavatsinia is a good spot for a rest and a snack before heading back down to Kofinou via the villages of Pano Lefkara and Skarinou. Kofinou is a 5 kilometres ride to the north of Skarinou on the old Lefkosia - Lemesos (Nicosia - Limassol) road. Alternative route: From Vavla, the route turns right, climbing up to the village of Kato Drys (6 kilometres). Three kilometres later it reaches the Skarinou - Vavatsinia road, just below Pano Lefkara. This route is 22 kilometres shorter.
Mazotos fuel station
80 kilometres
A difficult route with long but not very steep uphills. It requires a 16-speed street bicycle.
Paved roads throughout.
965 metres
Choirokoitia (Linear) Nature Trail
Leads to Choirokoitia archaeological site
Church In Lefkara Village
Panoramic Image
Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement
A well preserved settlement from the Neolithic age
Cycling Hundreds of Kilometers of Bike Trails
The bikers paradise
Lace - Lefkara village, Larnaka
Kofinou - Pafos Cycling Route
A long route for strong cyclists.