Pafos - Baths of Aphrodite Cycling Route
This excursion goes along the Akamas peninsula and the Avakas Gorge.

This 37 kilometres route begins at Kato Pafos (Kato Paphos) and heads northwest along the coastal road. At the crossroads between Coral Bay and Pegeia it continues straight to Agios Georgios fishing refuge. A little before the chapel of Agios Georgios on the right and south is a turning along a dirt road for the Akamas area. After about 2 kilometres the route goes over a small bridge at the Avga or Avakas riverbed. From there sign posts lead along a path to the right towards Avakas Gorge.

Going straight leads to Lara. Straight past Lara is a turning to the right to the chapel of Agios Kononas where there is drinking water. From Agios Kononas the route heads south to meet the road going over the Akamas ridge, crosses the road from Smigies to the Akamas lighthouse and continues downhill to Fontana Amorosa. This road goes along the coast in a southeasterly direction to the Baths of Aphrodite and the beach with a CTO Tourist Pavilion.
Baths of Aphrodite
37 kilometres
A route, which becomes very difficult on some uphills because of the uneven surface. A high quality mountain bike is required with front fork suspension.
A variety of surfaces consisting of both paved and dirt roads.
Agios Georgios Pegeias Fishing Shelter
Hiking in the Akamas Peninsula
A remarkable scenery
Coral Bay Beach - Blue Flag
A rich sandy beach
Agios Georgios Pegeia Archaeological Site
An eminent pilgrimage place
Smigies Long Route (Circular) Nature Trail
Passing through the disused magnesium mines and Akamas forest
Coast of Lara-Akamas Peninsula - Pafos
Akamas Area Panoramic View
Panoramic Image
Avakas Gorge
In this masterpiece of nature, you can find the extremely rare endemic plant “centauria akamandis”