Pitsylia - Troodos Cycling Route
This 28,3 kilometres excursion connecting the areas of Pitsylia and Troodos is an interesting route to visit the surrounding villages.

From Alona the route heads southwest, goes through Polystypos and climbs to the northwest, passing underneath Madari peak to reach Chandria village. At Chandria it turns right and heads west, through Kyperounta to reach the crossroads at Karvounas. From Karvounas it heads south, climbing steeply towards Pano Amiantos and then heads west climbing even more steeply to Troodos Square. Before reaching the square it goes past the picnic sites of Almyrolivado and Livadi tou Pasa as well as a camping and a picnic site just before the square.
Troodos square
28,3 kilometres
Even though this is a short route, it has steep uphills that require a good quality street bicycle with at least 14 speeds, or a mountain bike with 21 speeds.
Paved roads throughout.
695 metres
Lefkosia - Pitsylia Cycling Route
Quite a difficult course but with a beautiful landscape
Cyprus on a pedal
Troodos Nature - Snowy Landscape
Alona Petrou Vanezi (Circular) Nature Trail
Discover Alona, one of the most beautiful villages in the area