Troodos Square - Stavros tis Psokas Cycling Route
Linking the Troodos area with the Kykko Mountains, this 55 kilometres excursion also allows further trips to the northwest coast of the island, along the route from Stavros to Pyrgos or to Polis.

The excursion begins in Troodos square and climbs to the west for about 2,5 kilometres when it reaches a turning to the left leading to Mount Olympos. From here it goes downhill to the village of Prodromos. It then turns right to the Pinewood area and travels above the village of Pedoulas to Kykkos Monastery. Here there is an opportunity to stop at the Kykko restaurant before going on to Kampos. A turning to the left before Kampos leads to Stavros tis Psokas to the west and 3,5 kilometres further down, another turning to the left leads to the Cedar Valley. The route continues straight on for another 16 kilometres until another turning to the left, leading to Stavros tis Psokas forestry station 3 kilometres along the way. Here there is a restaurant, a hostel, a picnic site and a camping site, as well as a fenced off area where mouflon (mountain goats) are kept.
Troodos square
Stavros tis Psokas
55 kilometres
Easy route, with a few uphills and plenty of downhills. A street bike with speeds is required.
Paved roads throughout.
25 metres
Cyprus Birds
Being in the middle of north-south migration routes, Cyprus is an important stopover for millions of birds
Kykkos Monastery
The most impressive of the monasteries of Cyprus
Archangelos Michail Church
A Unesco world heritage list monument
Stavros tis Psokas - Pyrgos Cycling Route
A relatively easy route with beautiful landscape
Agios Ioannis Lampadistis Church
A Unesco world heritage list monument