Protaras is the name of a picturesque bay with crystal bright waters and golden sand. In one of its bays, commonly known by the name Fig Tree, there is a small island in about 100 metres from the shore.

This area was and still is the most productive area of Paralimni. Hundreds of watermills situated in the area provide a special picturesque image and are at the same time a testimony about the way the land was used in the last fifty years.

Visit the centre of Paralimni with the largest ecclesiastical square in Cyprus which includes three churches. Two of the churches are dedicated to St. George. A few metres further down is an ancient Byzantine church dedicated to St Anna. Today, this church belongs to the Department of Antiquities and it is one of the historic sights visited by many foreigners.

At the location ‘Louma’, the visitor has the opportunity to visit the picturesque fishing preserve, with the chapel of Agios Nicolaos giving an island colour to the scenery. Over there you can enjoy your coffee and rest while looking the sea and observing the yawls and the boats which come and go.

Shortly before we reach the heart of the tourist area of Protaras, we come across the chapel of Prophet Elias. It is built on a granite hill with almost vertical sides. A Byzantine type church was built there in the past few years in order to replace the small room which was used as a church. In order to reach the chapel, one has to climb a set of 153 stone-built steep stairs, but once you get there, the view rewards the visitor.

Located near the Cape Gkreco, in a short distance from the sea, is a picturesque chapel dedicated to Agious Anargyrous (Kosmas and Damianos). At the homonymic area, you will find dug into the rocks the picturesque chapel of Agioi Saranta. The lovers of nature, apart from the pilgrimage, will also enjoy the wonderful scenery which surrounds the chapel.