Let’s SHARE Larnaka - Walking Treasure Hunt
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Let’s SHARE Larnaka - Walking Treasure Hunt

A walking treasure hunt around the city of Larnaka where individuals, groups, families, friends, etc.are invited to come and share Larnaka's cultural heritage sites or points of reference in a fun way.

Europe Square,
Larnaka, Cyprus


During the game the participants are invited to publish photos from the city of Larnaka, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter using the hashtags: #DIGINV #DIGINVCyprus
The participants may also appear in the photos or they can use the invader masks which will be provided.

1. At the starting point you will receive a photo and other material.
2. Identify the location and go there
3. You can ask around for help
4. Locate the person who will give you the next photo/clue
5. Collect all 5 photos/items within 2 hours

• The picture must be published on Saturday 23 March 2019 or Sunday 24 March 2019.
• The photo must contain the 2 hashtags: #DIGINV #DIGINVCyprus
• The count of reactions/likes will take place on Tuesday 2 April and the winner will be contacted through profile.

The winner/winner will be the profile owner whose photo will receive the most reactions/likes.

The event is organized within the framework of the EU Funded Program Erasmus+ «Digital Invasions for the promotion of cultural heritage» (DIGINV) (www.digitalinvasions.eu). The project aims to valorize cultural interest and practices by engaging citizens, cultural institutions and using technology as a catalyst in order for citizens to experience culture in a new way.

يوم السبت, مارس 23, 2019, 10:30 - 12:30



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Treasure Hunt

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