Handmade Doll Exhibition by Jenny Barba
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Handmade Doll Exhibition by Jenny Barba
معرض فني
Handmade Dolls

Exhibition by the artist Jenny Barba "Creatures of fantasy and dream" will be hosted at the Fairytale Museum from March 29 to April 22, 2019.

Fairytale Museum
Granikou 32 - 34
1010 Lefkosia, Cyprus

It consists of a collection of handmade dolls in various sizes, inspired by myths, legends and fairy tales with elves and fairies.

The inauguration will be held by the Mayor of Lefkosia, Mr. Konstantinos Giorkatzis. Entrance to the exhibition will be free to the public. Artworks will be available for sale. The exhibition is accompanied by texts by the popular folk talemaker Emmanuella Katrinaki.

Exhibition edited by Vicky Balomenos - Natalia Kucharciuk

Jenny Barba was born in Kozani. He studied graphic and applied arts at the school of BACALO. Originally she worked as a graphic designer and later on when she settled in Cyprus, she dealt with furniture decoration. From 2014, taking advantage of her appeal to the construction and craft industry, she turned her occupation, which once grew her spare time into livelihood and started making exclusive cloth dolls with her hands. Since 2017 she has kept her own workshop in Old Nicosia where she creates the dolls, and since September 2018 she has begun to deliver adult doll manufacturing tutorials.
الجمعة, مارس 29, 2019, 19:00 - 21:00

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