The Cyprus Breakfast and Brunch Week 2019
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The Cyprus Breakfast and Brunch Week 2019

Under the objective of promoting local products and further on, Cypriot gastronomy, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the Cyprus Chefs Association, organizes the "Cypriot Breakfast and Cypriot Brunch Week" from 6 to 12 May 2019.

A significant number of hotels, restaurants and café participating in the project, will be serving cypriot breakfast and / or brunch during the week, made of Cypriot products based on local / traditional recipes.

Visit the establishments where Cyprus Breakfast & Brunch is offered and share your photos on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter with the hashtags #cyprusbreakfast and #visitcyprus


Find the nearest establishment offering Cyprus Breakfast/brunch and live the experience here

من عند الإثنين, قد 06, 2019
إلى الأحد, قد 12, 2019



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The Cyprus Breakfast and Brunch Week

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