The Cyprus Strollers (October - December 2019)  
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The Cyprus Strollers (October - December 2019)  
The Cyprus Strollers

The Cyprus Strollers is for everyone who loves life outdoors and wants to:
Get some exercise at the weekend.
Explore the city paths of Lefkosia (Nicosia) and the Cyprus countryside.
Meet people and make new friends.

It is a new hiking club, based in Lefkosia, starting operation in Autumn 2014. There is an activity practically every weekend, from October to May. Activities alternate between Saturdays and Sundays.The club is modeled on the successful Athens Strollers hiking club, launched by Xenophon Kasapis in Athens, Greece in 2009. Xenophon is a passionate hiker and nature lover, who returned to his native Cyprus in 2013, after a 30+ year career abroad.

Programme of The Cyprus Strollers for the period October - December 2019

To read the confirmed weekly schedule of hikes for October - December 2019 visit
To read a full detailed description with all necessary instructions for each hike over October - December 2019 visit

For more information about the Cyprus Strollers, the schedule for this season, detailed directions to the walks and contact details visit the website

The Cyprus Strollers welcome families (with children and/ or pets) living in Cyprus, irrespective of nationality, as well as visitors/ tourists, who love nature and search for hiking opportunities during their stay. Most walks last two to three hours and follow fairly easy routes or routes of medium difficulty.
Each walk announcement includes reference to the degree of difficulty.
The majority of walks are suitable for people with a good health, a good heart and a good physical fitness. Some others last over 3 hours and involve more strenuous exercise which includes uphill climbing.
These are given a degree of difficulty 3 rating and are addressed to hikers who have tested their ability in similar circumstances before and have a very good health and fitness.
Walks start in the morning and are followed by lunch (optional) at a taverna, or a picnic.
There are pleasant, small surprises in store for hikers, practically on every outing. These include the singing of birds, sighting of birds and butterflies, spotting of rare flowers, panoramic views from hilltops. Add to these the conversations you can have with other hikers from different backgrounds, who have the same love as you for the outdoors and enjoy the physical exercise hiking offers. At the core of the Cyprus Strollers is a belief in the dual benefit of exercise and companionship.
There is no membership fee to join the Cyprus Strollers and no charge is made for the walks. Your only cost is what you pay for your meal.
If you attend a Cyprus Strollers walk you do so entirely at your own risk. The Cyprus Strollers is a social club and neither the organizers nor the leader of the walk are responsible for the health and safety of those taking part.
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