Rialto Open Air – Summer Cinema “And Then We Danced”
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Rialto Open Air – Summer Cinema “And Then We Danced”

And Then We Danced         12+
Georgia, Sweden, 2019, 105'

A social drama portraying the story of a young dancer who will risk his future in the National Georgian Dance Ensemble when he meets Irakli: the handsome and gifted dancer will awaken forbidden feelings in him and make him confront the conservative society of his country. Set against the graceful rhythms and dances of Georgia, the film premiered in the Directors’ Fortnight of Cannes Film Festival, and received multiple awards for its beautiful storytelling, as well as for the outstanding performances of its cast.
Directed by: LevanAkin 
Cast: LevanGelbakhiani, AnaJavakishvili, BachiValishviliet al.
Subtitles: Greek, English

Parking Place of SEK (Behind of the Rialto Theatre)
Andrea Drousioti 19, 3040 Limassol
Phone number: 77777745
Fax No.: 25749663
Website: www.rialto.com.cy

Start date/End date:  1 July 2020

Start time/End time:  21:00 - 23:00  

Entrance Price/Τicket:  €8 for a person / €16 for a car (Car – up to 3 passengers)




الأربعاء, يوليو 01, 2020, 21:00 - 23:00

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