Music for the theatre
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Music for the theatre
D. Scarlatti:Sonatas, set 2 (arr. J. Woolrich)
F. Mendelssohn:Midsummer Night’s Dream: Overture (arr. D. Matthews)
A. Copland:Music for the Theater
Contemporary British composer John Woolrich made a magnificent version of selected Domenico Scarlatti’s keyboard sonatas. As the composer himself told us: “These versions of three of Scarlatti's keyboard sonatas (he wrote 555 in all) aren’t simply orchestrations, although Scarlatti's notes are mostly left alone. Any liberties I have taken are there to underline the wit (and strangeness) of Scarlatti’s music.” 
Mendelssohn composed his Overture to the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 1826, at the early age of seventeen, initially for two pianos. Orchestrated shortly after, the overture encapsulates all the characters and events that take place in the drama and evokes the fairy world like no other music had done before. The CySO will perform David Matthews’s arrangement of the overture for ensemble of eleven players, premiered by the Nash Ensemble in March 2016.
Aaron Copland’s Music for the Theatre incorporates the energetic rhythms and catchy melodies of jazz in the 1920s and was written with no specific play in mind as one might think. As Copland explained, "The music seemed to suggest a certain theatrical atmosphere, so after developing the idea into five short movements, I chose the title."
CySO’s leader Wolfgang Schroeder will play-direct this intriguing programme.
Play-direct: Wolfgang Schroeder (leader)
Lefkosia:  Thursday 8 October 2020
Pallas Theatre, Pafos Gate

Pafos: Friday 9 October 2020
Markideio Municipal Theatre

Start time: 20:30

Supporters:Pafos Municipality
Ticket prices: €12, €7 (18-26 yrs, pensioners), €5 (under 18)
Ticket presales:
  • Tickets for both concerts can be purchased online at
  • For the concert in Nicosia, tickets are also available at the Pallas Theatre Box Office every Wednesday 4-7pm.
  • Please kindly note that tickets will not be available at the theatre box offices on the concert day.
Pallas Theatre, Pafos Gate (Rigainis and Arsinois corner, 1010 Lefkosia, 22 410181)
Markideio Municipal Theatre (Andrea Geroudi 27, 8010 Pafos,26 22228)
Information: +357 22463144,

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إلى الجمعة, شهر اكتوبر 09, 2020

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