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يونيو, 2021



27 يونيو

ورشة عمل

Jewelry: Seaweed,corals and silk ribbons

Α sea dialogue with colors, beautiful  jewelry, special and cool. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings with sea symbols play with colors: red, blue, yellow, turquoise, emerald… Made of silk cocoons painted, silk rods, decorative papers, wire, ribbons, semiprecious stones ...

يوليو, 2021



03 يوليو

ورشة عمل

The ideogram of a hat

A hat represents  something  important in our lives. I take a hat to go on a trip, /to the sea, /to a wedding /¨I take my hat and leave¨ to a separation. We try to give ...



10 يوليو

ورشة عمل

Making hats for little and old ones

Minnie, Daisy, Rundolf, Captain Cook, Scoopy Doo, penguin, kitten, baby shark are waiting for our small friends in a fantasic search for our childhood heroes. Venue: Dolphin Gallery Address: 130 A' Makariou Avenue, Limassol  Telephone No.: +357 99649331          ...



18 يوليو

ورشة عمل

Crocheted baskets and handbags

 Recycle yarn  For home use is not a new idea. It has been used for long to create small rags. Nowadays in awide range of colorsit is used in jewelry, baskets for kitchen, bathroom, newborn cosmetics ...

أغسطس, 2021
سبتمبر, 2021



04 سبتمبر

ورشة عمل

Painting with Elena Parari

Born in Nicosia, and raised in Limassol since her student years, she shows an appeal in the visual arts. Wins 1st prize in a UNESCO competition for the Βook year, deals with scenography in school ...



11 سبتمبر

ورشة عمل

Once upon a time there was a crochet hook…

We improvise with a crochet hook. We mix threads and colors and make small masterpieces: from jewelry, to blankets, mats, cardigans, scarves, ponzo,  amikurumi. Just follow us! Venue: Dolphin Gallery Address: 130 A' Makariou Avenue, Limassol  Telephone No.: +357 99649331        ...



12 سبتمبر

ورشة عمل

Get to know the community of Apsiou by painting

You will be able to paint the panoramic view of Apsiou from the cultural center of the village. We will give you paper and paints. Try it! Just reserve your place! Venue: Cultural Center of Apsiou Telephone No.: +357 99649331 Start ...

شهر اكتوبر, 2021
تشرين الثاني, 2021
ديسمبر, 2021

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