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Elpida Shipwreck
Elpida Shipwreck

The MV Elpida is one of two wrecks that were submerged in the Marine Protected Area (MPA) of Larnaka in 2019 to create the region’s first artificial reef (alongside the LEF1).

Constructed in Germany in 1965, the Elpida was used as an active cargo vessel in Greece until she was sent to Cyprus specifically to be repurposed as an artificial reef.

The vessel quickly attracted diverse marine life, which continues to grow and thrive thanks to eco-friendly amphorae that have been added to the MPA to further encourage marine diversity. Divers can admire (among other species): amberjack, blue-spotted cornetfish, cardinalfish, damselfish, grouper, long-spined urchin, octopi, parrotfish, pearl oyster, squirrelfish, thorny oyster and yellowspotted pufferfish. Dolphins have also been sighted at the reef.

The wreck is suitable for two dives in a day thanks to her size and provides an ideal introduction into wreck diving with long bottom times. The cargo containers and all decks are fully accessible to divers; the main deck starts at 20 metres, whilst the masts start at 10 metres. Divers can also access the large container area of the ship, the engine room, and the bridge. There are several decks suitable for confined diving and wreck penetration – with a torch advisable to explore and fully enjoy the darker crevices.
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Dive Specs
Location:Voroklini, Larnaka
GPS Coordinates:34° 57'06.3"N 33° 41'05.6"E
Type of Dive Site:Wreck
Depth:30 metres
Visibility: 15-25 metres
Dimensions:63 metres long / 10 metres wide
Access:By boat (2km from the shore)
Qualification Required:Advanced Open Water / Advanced Diver
Dive Category: Recreational and Technical Diving

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