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Alona village
Alona village

Located in the Lefkosia (Nicosia) district, the old village of Alona sits at an altitude of 1.200 metres on the Troodos mountain range, in the picturesque Pitsilia area. Just 53 km away from Lefkosia, the village can be reached by following the E902 route, and then the E903.

The village produces the local spirit ‘Zivania’, and the tradition is celebrated with an annual Festival in November. Visitors can sample and buy Zivania, learn all about its production, and enjoy an entertainment programme, whilst there are also many stalls selling traditional produce.

Interesting sights of the village include two ancient churches; that of Panagia Kardakiotissa - which dates back to the 15th century - and that of Agios Georgios, which houses an exceptional icon of the saint that dates back to 1835. A major celebration takes place annually in the village square in honour of the saint every November 03.

Also, at the village square is the start of a scenic nature trail that unfolds through to orchards of hazelnut and cherry trees. In spring, you will see violets, ferns and even lily pads along the damper areas of the trail, whereas in winter, wild cyclamens dominate the landscape.

The village is naturally beautiful and its leafy scenery provides inspiration for artists, including many greats of modern Cypriot painting.

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