Fairytales and love stories come in all shapes, sizes and styles, including those that take romantic celebrations to a whole new level of opulence.

For couples who desire a premium event that is refined, spectacular or show stopping, Cyprus is renowned for offering an A-list lifestyle with many of life’s finest and most deluxe elements. From world-class Marinas, casinos and award-winning concept spas, to championship golf courses, ultra-lux property investments and ritzy restaurants, the island embodies the good life amidst priceless, ancient treasures and stunning natural landscapes.

With concierge wedding planning services, all the beautiful details are taken care for high net worth individuals and those with a more refined taste, ensuring an inimitable gathering that has all the hallmarks of glamour, luxury and prestige.

The polished trimmings are all equally impressive - handcrafted or executed by the island’s most respected masters of artistry. The intoxicating perfume of designer bouquets threaded with the fragrant and much prized Cyprus rose and other aromatic sprigs, and handcrafted by prominent florists creates an unforgettable scented concerto.

No other destination can offer this level of finesse and luxury alongside so many other essential ingredients. Cyprus offers life’s finest but uniquely combines this with its famous warm welcome, cherished and time-honoured traditions, and its diversity and respect for all faiths. And when you add the convenience of short travel times, and the ease of English widely spoken, the stars are aligned for something truly sensational.

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