Cape Pyla Reef
Cape Pyla Reef

This dive is characterised by a series of rock formations with interesting, small canyons that ascend from the bottom, adding interest to the swim throughs.

The site is perfect for the more claustrophobic diver, or a beginner to cave dives, as entry into the cave is safe and the exit point is clearly visible. Furthermore, there is a striking illusion of brightness throughout the cave and swim throughs thanks to the different layers of the seabed in combination with the colour of the rocks and the white sand.

The rich marine life consists of sea stars, sea slugs, shells, and soft sponges and corals, among other delightful discoveries.

Location: Xylofagou, Larnaka
GPS Coordinates: 34° 56'23.67"N 33° 51'16.22"E
Type of Dive Site: Reef & Small Canyons
Depth: 18 metres
Visibility: 20+ metres
Access: By boat
Qualification Required: Open Water / Boat Diver
Dive Category: Recreational Diving