The Nail
The Nail

Located close to the Bullet Point (Skopia) dive site, The Nail takes its name from a rock shaped like a nail that looks downwards to the bay. Conditions are always favourable at the site, and it is quite similar to its neighbouring Bullet Point (Skopia) in the experience it offers divers, making it ideal for beginners and snorkellers thanks to its shallow depths.

The interesting rock formations of the site create a welcoming habitat for an array of marine life including sea slugs, starfish, moray eels, whilst grouper, red snapper and squid are spotted seasonally.

Location: Xylofagou, Larnaka
GPS Coordinates: 34° 57'27.16"N 33° 50'9.03"E
Type of Dive Site: Rocky & Small Caverns
Depth: 17 metres
Visibility: 20+ metres
Access: Shore
Qualification Required: Open Water
Dive Category: Recreational Diving

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