St George "Geronissos"
St George "Geronissos"

Saint George (Island) is also known as Geronisos (Island), meaning ‘holy island’ and offers a more challenging experience for the adventurous diver.

A drop-down mouth onto a 12-metre ridge heralds the start of the dive, where a huge swim through sits between rocks. Here the more experienced diver can enter the darkness that unfolds with a series of dramatic twists, turns and corridors before exiting through a crack in the reef. Less experienced divers can follow along the top of the ridge.

Heading towards the bottom of the ridge, a colourful underwater kingdom is revealed; from the nudibranch and sponges to bright algae, whilst a series of smaller caves and ridges are home to other species such as bream, damselfish, grouper, lionfish and wrasse.

Location:Pegia, Pafos
GPS Coordinates:34° 54.171'N 0 32° 18.543E
Type of Site:Rocky and Sandy Bottom
Depth:12 – 35 metres
Visibility:20+ metres
Access:By boat
Qualification Required:Open Water
Dive Category:Recreational Diving

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