Fontana Amorosa
Fontana Amorosa

Fontana Amorosa (Fountain of Love) is a stunning dive site where the crystal, turquoise waters invite exploration at the rock reef labyrinth and ravine walls that lead to deeper adventures.
Once a harbour that was used for trade centuries ago, the only remnants of its bustling past are theancient amphorae hidden on the seabed of hills and valleys – offerings to the Gods made by the Romans in return for their prosperity.

Shy sea creatures hide in the crevices and holes of the natural formations, including crabs, cuttlefish, grouper, lionfish, moray eels, sea urchins and shrimp. Pufferfish are present in the sandy areas.

The luckier diver may also encounter the rare Tricolour Doris nudibranch that is a spectacular sight to behold.

This site is perfect for beginners, offering an easy and relaxing dive experience.

Location:Latchi, Pafos
GPS Coordinates: 35° 5'21.06"N 32°18'7.26"E
Type of Dive Site:Sandy and Rocky Bottom
Depth:15 metres
Visibility:20+ metres
Access:Shore / By boat
Qualification Required:Open Water / Boat Diver
Dive Category:Recreational Diving

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