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Anari Cheese
Anari Cheese

Anari is a white, mild, curd cheese that is produced in a soft or hard form – and is delicious in both, as well as being low fat!

When soft, Anari is similar to cottage cheese or Ricotta. When hard, it can be grated and used instead of Parmesan or other hard cheeses.

Made from whey (a by-product in the production of other cheeses such as Halloumi), a small amount of goat or sheep milk (5-10%) is added. For the hard version, salt is added and the cheese is then dried, giving it a much longer shelf-life than the soft variety.

In its soft form, Anari is commonly used for sweeter recipes. It can be mixed with carob syrup or honey for a healthy dessert, or used as a filling for pastries such as ‘Bourekia’ and ‘tyropita’ cheese pie. Dry Anari has a stronger taste than its softer counterpart, and is commonly grated and used on top of pasta, or crumbled into salad.

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