The savoury cheese pie, Flaouna, is one of the main treats of Greek Orthodox Easter, and is traditionally made on Holy Thursday (preceding Good Friday).

Containing eggs, cheese, raisins and mint, Flaounes make use of products that are not permitted during the fasting period before Easter, and are prepared for consuming after the fast is broken. A specially made cheese that rises and does not melt easily is produced on the island specifically for making Flaounes. These delicious pies were traditionally baked in a clay oven after the women of the family had gathered together to make them.

As they freeze well, they are now often batch-made in the run-up to Easter and eaten throughout the year. Nowadays you can also find them all-year-round in local bakeries, although more so during the Easter period.

Paskia is a variation of flaouna, in which the filling is replaced with cubes of lamb, vegetables and cheese, as well as herbs and spices.

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