Anari Cheese Pies with Filo pastry
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Anari Cheese Pies with Filo pastry
Anari Cheese Pies with Filo pastry


(serves 10)

½ kg unsalted Anari cheese

1 tsp cinnamon powder

¾ cup sugar

2 tbsp rosewater

½ kg filo pastry sheets

100g butter, melted

100g fresh cream

½ cup honey or ½ litre syrup



Beat the Anari cheese with the fresh cream.

Add the cinnamon, sugar, and rosewater and mix thoroughly.

Cut the filo pastry into 7cm squares. Use 2 or 3 sheets of pastry per pie. Place a piece of pastry on a clean surface and brush with a little melted butter. Add another sheet of pasty and brush lightly with butter, then cover with another sheet. Add one tablespoon of cheese mixture in the centre and fold over the pastry to make a triangle. Brush the tops of the pies with melted butter and bake or deep fry until golden brown, then cover with honey or syrup.

Note: You can make traditional ‘bourekia’ with dough pastry. Fry and serve dusted with icing sugar.


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