It is often remarked that the fresh produce of Cyprus is so flavoursome that you can almost taste the sunshine that has grown it! And flavoursome it is indeed, for nature’s abundance has blessed the island with so many wonderful local ingredients, from fruit and vegetables, to herbs and pulses - all with historical roots that go far deeper than the soil they are grown in. These in turn are put to use creatively and lovingly to make traditional products and delicious, authentic dishes… Sprawled across hillside villages, the many vineyards produce indigenous grapes that are used to make award-winning wines, along with grape jellies and sweets; the olive groves produce crops of early green olives for preserving, and later black ones for superior olive oil that is world renowned, whilst raw, organic honeys made from the nectar of wildflowers have won the island accolades and awards. And still, nature’s gifts unfold, with carob pods and the syrup they produce featured in nutritional desserts, and mixed with locally grown almonds and peanuts to produce a traditional nut brittle. In the ‘red soil villages’, delicious potatoes are grown in the rich, red earth, along with juicy watermelons and sweet strawberries, whilst crispy salads are cut from the freshest village cucumbers and tomatoes.  

Key dairy produce - such as yogurt, Halloumi and Anari cheeses - are made using goat and sheep’s milk, whilst pork is used for a variety of meat dishes and delicacies from cured hams, to aromatic sausages and stews.

The wonderful array of dishes is further enhanced by fragrant herbs and spices, including oregano, thyme and coriander, and every meal, every mouthful and every flavour is… deliciously and distinctly Cypriot!

Local Produce

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