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Loukoumi (Cyprus Delight)
Loukoumi (Cyprus Delight)

Cyprus is famous for its delicious sweets known as ‘delights’, which have been produced on the island for centuries.

Along with a number of other villages, Geroskipou - in the Pafos district - still traditionally produces these soft, chewy sweets made, without the use of preservatives, simply with sugar, cornstarch and flavouring or nuts, then dusted with icing sugar to prevent them from sticking together.

You can find pretty boxes of delights in a number of different flavours. The most traditional is rose, followed by lemon, mastic and bergamot, although you can also find more modern flavours - including chocolate - with or without nuts.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t leave the island without at least a couple of boxes for friends, or just all for yourself!