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Premium Medical Tourism
Premium Medical Tourism

Combining healthcare with a relaxing holiday offers the benefits of top medical treatment at cost effective prices, coupled with the opportunity to recuperate on a beautiful sunshine island that is restorative to the mind and soul, as well as the body.

Cyprus is fast becoming a popular choice for medical tourism, thanks to a large array of modern private hospitals and clinics; excellent facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced and highly-qualified doctors and medical staff - largely trained in Europe or the USA. As such, it offers a one-stop service from treatment to recuperation.

From annual check-ups, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy, kidney dialysis, cardiac care, dental and surgical procedures, to infertility treatment, the island offers attractively priced healthcare holidays, with added incentives and advantages.

The convenience factor encompasses the island’s enviable location that is easily accessible from many countries, whilst also allowing patients to book an operation upon arrival. Same day appointments are the norm, and you can see an astounding range of specialists either in a single medical centre, or within a short drive apart.

A considerable number of clinical laboratories offer a vast range of diagnostic tests both routine and specialised, whilst turnaround times for test results and doctor’s diagnosis are all speedy. Care is given by teams of highly trained medical and auxiliary staff who all speak English, whilst a large number of physicians also speak other languages, including Russian, German, French and Arabic.

As a small island, distances are short, placing everything at your fingertips, for both medical purposes and for the recuperation phase, where you can easily connect to a range of beautiful and serene surroundings, leisurely activities, gentle sports - and enjoy the healthy Mediterranean diet. And with sunshine for most of the year round, you don’t have to be confined to recovering indoors.

The Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board (www.cyhealthservices.com), and the Cyprus Ministry of Health (www.moh.gov.cy) can provide information, contacts and advice on medical procedures and health services offered on the island, as can individual private health service providers. The Deputy Ministry of Tourism also publishes an informative brochure, which can be found here.

So, whether you are contemplating a check-up or a major procedure, Cyprus can accommodate your treatment to the highest of standards, and will also prove to be a truly healing tonic.


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