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Discover the Regions of Cyprus
Discover the Regions of Cyprus

Lefkosia (Nicosia)… the thousand year capital city in the heart of the country  

With a population of 333,800 (2013 - part of Lefkosia in the Government controlled area), Lefkosia, the capital, is a walled city flanked by palm trees. Laiki Geitonia, the restored section of the old city, is home to friendly traditional tavernas as well and shops selling handicrafts. The city is home to the Cyprus Museum (Archaeological), the Ethnographic Museum of Cyprus, the Byzantine Museum, the National Struggle Museum, the State Gallery of Contemporary Art and the House of the Dragoman Hatzigeorgakis Kornesios.

Lemesos (Limassol)... a celebration of beaches, fortresses and festivals     

Lemesos - population 239,700 (2013) - has become the country’s main port. In the heart of the town, near the old port, is the Cyprus Medieval Museum, housed in the imposing fort where in 1191 Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre and crowned her Queen of England. Surrounded by extensive citrus fruit plantations and vineyards, Lemesos is the venue of the annual Wine Festival, held in September. A short drive west from the centre of Lemesos is Kolossi Castle, ancient Kourion and the Sanctuary of Apollo Ylatis.

Larnaka (Larnaca)… the gateway to the island and an entry point to adventure

Larnaka - population 145,900 (2013) - where the largest international airport and the island’s second port are located, is near the site of ancient Kition, an important port in pre-Christian times. Lazaros, who Christ is said to have resurrected from the dead, is buried in the crypt of the magnificent Byzantine church of Agios Lazaros. On Saturday, eight days before the Greek Orthodox Easter the icon of Saint Lazarus is carried through the streets in an annual procession along the city’s Palm Tree Promenade.

Pafos (Paphos)… home to Aphrodite, Adonis, Dionysus and lucky mortals

Pafos - population 91,200 (2013). Kato Pafos, the lower town near the harbour, is home to the remains of the ancient city of Nea Pafos – itself the site of the renowned Roman mosaics in the Houses of Dionysus, Theseus, Orpheus and Aion. Opposite the picturesque harbour is the Pafos Fort, built in 1592. Nearby are the monumental Tombs of the Kings and the Saint Paul’s Pillar. The winding streets of Pano Pafos are home to numerous modern shops and restaurants.

Troodos... majestic scenery, quaint villages and rich Byzantine heritage

The village of Platres is the starting point for many nature trails around the Troodos Mountains and the region’s carefully protected cedar and pine forests. There are many important monasteries in the area, notably Kykkos, the richest in Cyprus built in the 12th century and magnificently restored. Ten Byzantine churches are designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites on account of their well-preserved frescoes, unique in the world. Picturesque villages abound in the Troodos area such as Omodos, Platres and Kakopetria.

Ammochostos (Famagusta) region... the garden basket with the golden beaches

Ammochostos - population 47,400 (2013) - at the southeast corner of Cyprus, is an agriculturally rich region with superb sandy beaches. Major beach resorts are located in Protaras and Agia Napa – the latter enjoying a reputation as one of the top international nightlife destinations in Europe.

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