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Main 4 - Lefkosia (Nicosia) - Larnaka (Larnaca) Tourist Beach Cycling Route
Main 4 - Lefkosia (Nicosia) - Larnaka (Larnaca) Tourist Beach Cycling Route
From the traffic lights at the junction of the Lemesos and Athalassa avenues, the route heads south on the motorway to Lemesos and Larnaka. After about 1km, it takes the Lakkia (Latsia) exit on the left, which comes out at the old Lefkosia-Lemesos road. The route then goes through Lakkia (Latsia) and its industrial area, followed by the industrial area of Dali.

At Nisou the route turns to the left heading east towards the small town of Dali. It goes through both Dali and the next village Lympia and then reaches the old Lefkosia-Larnaka road.

From there it turns right heading northeast and travels parallel to the Lefkosia-Larnaka motorway until it reaches Rizoelia on the outskirts of Aradippou. From that point on, the route goes along the motorway next to the Larnaka industrial area and ends up at the Agios Georgios traffic lights. The Fire Department traffic lights are 1km down the road.

Turning left at the Fire Department traffic lights leads to Stratigou Timagia avenue and the roundabout just outside Larnaka port. The route then enters the tourist area of Livadia, Voroklini and Pyla with its camping site in a small eucalyptus grove. It ends at the Larnaka Tourist Beach a little further down the road, having covered a distance of 53.4km.

Road condition: The entire route is on paved roads.
Route Description: This route is convenient for getting from Lefkosia to Larnaka and the coastal area outside the town. The course travels along the old Lefkosia-Lemesos road until Nisou and then on the old Larnaka-Nisou road.

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Distance: 53.4km
Elevation Gain: 249m
Highest point: 268m
Lowest point: 1m
Loop: NO
Terrain: Flat
Road surface: Paved

  Section Distance (km) Total Distance (km)
Lefkosia 0,0 0,0
Latsia 4,2 4,2
Nisou 9,8 14,0
Pera Chorio 1,1 15,1
Dali 2,4 17,5
Lympia 5,2 22,7
Larnaka Fire Department traffic lights 19,0 41,7
Larnaka Port roundabout 3,3 45,0
Larnaka Tourist Beach 8,4 53,4

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