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Psematismenos Mountain Biking Moderate
Psematismenos Mountain Biking Moderate

The route starts from the village of Psematismenos and heads towards the chapel of Agios Andronikos and Agia Athanasia. Then, proceed downhill to Maroni and through rural roads towards the beach and the Secret Paradise Fishing Shelter. Continue along the coast and go uphill to Mazotos. Next, you will encounter the villages of Anafotida and Alaminos. The rural dirt roads lead to the village of Agios Theodoros where you can enter the main road and head to Choirokoitia. Cross the beautiful Tochni and enter a delightful path that leads to the main road. Pass under the highway and, via the dirt road, reach the starting point.

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Distance: 51.8km
Elevation Gain: 539m
Highest point: 201m
Lowest point: 0m
Loop: YES
Terrain: Mixed

  Section Distance (km) Total Distance (km)
Psematismenos 0.0 0.0
Maroni 2.3 2.3
Alaminos Beach 12.5 14.8
Mazotos Beach 5.0 19.8
Mazotos 4.3 24.1
Anafotida 3.4 27.5
Alaminos 3.3 30.8
Agios Theodoros 5.6 36.4
Choirokoitia 7.4 43.8
Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement 0.0 43.8
Tochni 2.4 46.2
Psematismenos 5.6 51.8