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The Heart of Koumandaria
The Heart of Koumandaria

The route starts from Amathous, crosses Germasogeia and ascends to Mathikoloni. Apsiou and Gerasa are the next two villages to encounter before reaching Kalo Chorio. Then, after passing by a pine grove the route leads further north to the picturesque village of Potamitissa and then to the largest village in the area, Pelendri. A big downhill ride will lead to Saittas and from there go uphill to Agios Mamas, Kapileio, Korfi and Paramytha. Palodeia is the last village to come upon before reaching Lemesos and heading to the starting point in Amathous.

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Distance: 97.2km
Elevation Gain: 2112m
Highest point: 964m
Lowest point: 1m
Loop: YES
Terrain: Mountain
Road surface: Paved

  Section Distance (km) Total Distance (km)
Ancient Amathus 0,0 0,0
Mouttagiaka 4.0 4.0
Germasogia 2.1 6.1
Agios Athanasios 2.5 8.6
Mathikoloni 8.0 16.6
Apsiou 3.4 20.0
Gerasa 3.4 23.4
Louvaras 6.2 29.6
Kalo Chorio 2.7 32.3
Kato Mylos 8.8 41.1
Potamitissa 3 44.1
Pelendri 5.6 49.7
Trimiklini 8.5 58.2
Agios Mamas 3.6 61.8
Korifi 8.6 70.4
Apesia 1.5 71.9
Pallodia 6 77.9
Agia Fylaxis 3.5 81.4
Mesa Geitonia 3.5 84.9
Ancient Amathus 12.3 97.2