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The Heart of Religion
The Heart of Religion

An ethereal and blessed land, Cyprus’s religious roots are both sacred and humbling, as evidenced by the impressive number of monuments of religious devotion that tell the story of the island’s path to Christianity and its deep faith, from inception to the present day.

It is no coincidence that Cyprus ­ the island of beauty, where according to Greek myth the goddess Aphrodite was born ­ was chosen as the first place to receive the great message of the new faith on the advent of Christianity. The island became the gateway through which the message of the Gospels spread throughout the length and breadth of the Ecumene. The first mission of the apostles Paul and Barnabas (the latter of Cypriot descent) occurred here in accordance with the will and wish of God: “...being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed unto Seleucia; and from thence they sailed to Cyprus” (Acts 12, 4).

This divine ‘choice’ - at the same time an ornament and endowment for the country - is expressed through the many monuments dedicated to prayer and devotion, but also through the plethora of holy men connected with the saintly island, thus endowing it with the expression ‘Cyprus the island of saints’.

Discover the churches, chapels and monasteries of the island, and immerse yourself in their journey of faith, history and culture. Through their unique structures; the biblical stories told in ancient icons and frescos; rich Ecclesiastical museums, and a Byzantine treasure trove of 10 painted mountain churches ­ so religiously priceless that they are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List - you cannot fail to feel uplifted, and for your heart to fill with enlightenment, serenity and devotion.

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