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Karvounas - Prodromos Cycling Route
Karvounas - Prodromos Cycling Route

The Karvounas - Prodromos route is of medium difficulty and is divided into two parts: a 10km descent (8km in a forest dirt track), and a steady ascent for the remaining 12,7km. At the first signposted viewpoint ­ 5km from the starting point – the village of Kakopetria spreads down towards the heart of Solea Valley. About 15km from the starting point of this route, cyclists arrive at the Stavroullia rest and viewpoint. Here, as at the Marathos picnic site 2,5km farther on, the Marathasa Valley reveals its splendour with the villages of Pedoulas, Moutoullas and Kalopanagiotis to the west. Further north, the village of Gerakies nestles amidst the backdrop of the mountain peak of Kykkos and its famous monastery.

Start Point: Karvounas
End Point: Prodromos
Total Distance: 22,7km
Height Gain: 10m
Difficulty Rating: A route of medium difficulty, with good accessibility by bicycle.
Road Conditions: Good quality tarmac and forest dirt track in good condition (Depending on weather conditions).
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